Happy Birthday Kim Kibum

August 21, 2008


Happy birthday Kim Kibum…..wish all your wish will be fulfilled…Kim Kibum is now 21/22 years old..I wish you r dead smile will last forever..hehehehe….Kibum is the first member of SuJu that I like…I like him when I first saw him in full house, he got a charming personality and good english,,while the others seem silly and dorky,,I even didn’t notice donghae and didn’t consider that Siwon was handsome (how fool..I want to hit my head with a hammer),also thought sungmin was someone I will never like TT_TT (I should  punish myself for that like dobby)….I really2 didn’t like SuJu at first exception for Kibum ssi….(I like SuJu after watch full house for a few times)…..Kibum that I know is a person that ambitious and persistence, he’s a good actor, he advising other members how to act good (coz he seems more mature from other members)…he always being the mr. Cool…but then I find the funny side of him…so tell me what you think of kibum ssi?

Kibum is a person you will fall in love for a first sight coz of his charms,,,he always look good,,,he never got a bad hair style like other member got. he has a fine hair methamorphosis, from the first time he appeared until now…he’s always look good in every MV,shows, and indeed every shows he’s appeared on…have you ever seen him not looking good?.. …geeeee I loveeeee kibum….he’s growing older but looks younger….

Kibum is capable in english,,he’s hero in the group if it’s about english, so I little bit surprised when I found out that  kibum wouldn’t come to maa…who’s gonna in charge to speak english,but siwon did a good job anyway…you can see his capable in English in almost all full house episode (while the other member is always have a “no clue” face esp heenim)…charm…charm…charm..>_<…and I’m dying……watch this..you can see kibum is O and donghae is X…hahaha….

Kibum is independent and mature…..maybe that’s because he lived abroad….

Kibum also has a funny side..woww I surprise when he makin a prank on the swimmer, on EHB ep 12….

Kibum is so popular…I can’t count my friends who love only Kibum(I can count actually coz so rare in my campus people who like K things,,all they can do are teasing us..sorry emo..)

Kibum do a numerous CF,,this time I really can’t count…

Okay…..that’s all.I should write more or add more picture and vid..but…sorry I’m really2 busy…and Nanda is doing performance in Broadway…no I mean she’s in US..so no one is helping me…and thx to all my friend for helping so much..(sarcastic xp)…hehehe…



23 Responses to “Happy Birthday Kim Kibum”

  1. Rhiery said

    Happy B’day Kibum Oppa….
    I wish U success in your group….
    and, I always Love U 4ever….
    Thanks Uisa…!
    Good job girl…..

  2. Wendy said



    He’s so cute:D

  3. uisa said

    hi…hahaha…he’s always aegyo…so tell me everyone,,have you ever seen him not looking good??=nosebleed=…..geeeeeee I love him soooo bad..

  4. J said

    Happy Birthday Kim Kibum
    love you so much

  5. ulul gyo said

    happy birthdayy KIBUMMMMM i will love u forever u is my prince

  6. ulul gyo said

    KIBUMMM you are so cute and i love you so much

  7. TAMI said

    KIBUMM . . .
    haPpy biRthdaY to you
    i always love u forever . . .

  8. TAMI said

    happy birthday. . happy birthday kibum
    you are so funny and cool

    god bless you ^_^

  9. uisa said

    kibum happy birthday,,, ilove u hahahaha

  10. nanda :) said

    looks like everyone love kibum here ♥♥

  11. ulul said

    i like you very much..
    please add me

  12. mink ama said

    i love you so much………………………kibum
    you are very cute

  13. Icha said


    so vERY2 Very2 VeRY cUtE N cwEet Kim Ki-Bum….

    WheN i mEet him 😉

  14. christina said

    I love you kim kibum happy birthday

  15. Nur Chan said

    HappY BiRthDaY kIM KIbUUM………….
    So I can love U 4ever

  16. zasha said


  17. hi..can u be my husband?

  18. Jazzie said

    O My GOD He is soooooooo H-O-T and CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. militas said

    hi.happy birthay kibum u año mas de vida; que lapases muy bonito

  20. Anna said

    Happy Birthday kioppa.I held your birthday in my room.Birthday cake,coffee,birthday candles are near me.But you are not near me.I song a birthday song and I also give my wishes for your birthday.I do these things at the beginning of 21st day.I mean it is 12:00 PM.So,I am a person who give you first wish.May your happy birthday bring you happy.You may be always happy kioppa.I love you so much.

  21. nghia said

    happy birthday

  22. gliezel said

    happy birthday kibum!!!!!!!!! saranghae!!!!!!!

  23. STyLe said

    Hehe! Well said! Hihi KiBum! Me too, I loved him since the 1st time I saw/heard about SJ! :D. He is so cute, and his killer smile!! yaah <3. I laughed so much when he teased the swimmer!! 😀
    hihihi always loving KiBum

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